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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Steamed and Fried Short Ribs

This is more of a method of cooking not so much a recipe. The ribs first get steamed and then fried. They end up fall of the bone tender, while still being crispy.

2 lbs short ribs rinsed, cleaned, and cut
salt and pepper to taste

1. Season ribs with salt and pepper to taste
2. Add ribs to deep pot and cover with a lid
3. Steam ribs on low heat for 40 minutes stirring occasionally
4. After 40 minutes when ribs have steamed and cooked remove the lid and turn the heat to medium. They're will be a good amount of water and grease in the pan, but the water will start to evaporate and the ribs will fry in the grease that's in the pan.
5. Turn the ribs will they fry for about 25 minutes.

The reason I only season the ribs with salt and pepper is because the method of cooking gives the ribs such great flavor that it doesn't need much else. Except maybe my fresh Mexican salsa!

*no amount of carbs in this recipe


  1. The instructions for steaming the ribs are unclear. If it's really for steaming, then the ribs should be placed on a rack ABOVE boiling or simmering water. If, however, you are putting the ribs directly INTO the water, then you are "simmering" the ribs, not steaming them.

    And if we are simmering them, do we just add enough water to cover?

    I can't wait to try these. They sound delicious!

    Thank you for sharing you recipe.

  2. Cheryl,

    The ribs are not placed on a rack above water. They are simply placed in a deep pot on medium heat and covered with a lid. The lid and the heat make the ribs release liquid and the ribs steam in that liquid. You do not need to add any more liquid, the ribs release alot. Sorry If the instructions weren't clear. My mom has always made ribs this way and that's what she's always called them steamed ribs.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you, Adriana, it's clear now.

    My confusion stemmed from my cooking experience when if I read the word "steaming", it means that the food is placed in a steamer or on a rack and cooked by the simmering or boiling water underneath it (steamed vegetables, steamed rice, etc.) But I'm never too old to learn something new!

    Thanks again for clarifying it for me. I'm eager to fix these! They look mouthwatering!

  4. Your very welcome!

    I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They really do come out very tender and flavorful.