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Friday, November 12, 2010

Deep Fried Mexican Carnitas

These carnitas are deep fried to a golden buttery deliciousness. They are so addictive! I think while I was making them I almost ate an entire pound while "sampling" them!
Deep frying them is the traditional way to make carnitas and its the way I made them, but if you're concerned about your fat intake or if you only eat organic then you could follow the steps for my steamed and fried short ribs and they'd still be delicious.


3.5 pounds of pork "carnitas" usually they are labeled this way at the store but the cut you should use is boston butt
1 lb lard
salt and pepper to taste


1. Use a large deep pot. Add the lard and set on medium heat until lard is melted.
2. Rinse the meat, dry and cut into 2-3 inch cubes
3. Season meat liberally with salt and pepper
4. Carefully add pieces of meat to pot. Make sure you only add enough carnitas to the pan so that they are completely covered in the lard. You might have to do this in 2 batches like I did. It's important not to overcrowd the pan.
5. Cook the carnitas for 20 minutes turning occasionally to ensure they get golden brown on all sides.
6. Repeat with the rest of the batch.

Suggested serving is with chopped cilantro and onion, and my Spicy Avocado Salsa! Low carb beer optional *wink*

No carbs in this recipe as written

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